Official College Partnerships

We partner with colleges and build their official off-campus housing site. With the college's official backing, you'll reach far more quality students.

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College Renter's Guide

A complete guide to renting off-campus housing.

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Find Your School

Official college off-campus communities and college off-campus sites connected to your school.

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Roommate Search

Student off-campus housing platform that connects students for the purpose of finding roommates.

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College Partnered Marketplace Features

Student Renter's Guide

Students should know what to do before they rent, while they rent, and after they rent. This is an interactive learning tool with videos, articles, and affiliate links.

Security Deposit Alternative Program

Our security deposit alternative program, gives students the option to waive the upfront cash security deposit.

Credit Building Program

Free automatic redit building through on-rent payment reporting in partnership with TransUnion and Experian.

Landlord / Student Demo Videos

Demo videos for landlords and students to help them understand the process of renting and how to use the platform.

Vetted Landlords

EDUrain partners with landlords that we manually verify to ensure they are legitimate and meet our standards.

Paid Internships

We offer paid internships to students at colleges we're partnered with.

Classroom Projects

We engage with business schools to verify the accuracy of our content and regularly improve our platform.

Scholarship Search Tool

We offer a scholarship search that has over a database of over 20,000 scholarships.

Roommate Matching

Our roommate matching service helps students connect with their peers to find compatible roomamtes and reduce the cost of housing.


photo of Nidhi
Nidhi SoniLandlord and Hermann London Realtor
EDUrain was such a pleasure to speak to and work with. The company really cares about finding the perfect rental property for their renters. T...
student photo
Haejin AnWashU '22
I've been on the housing search for so long and EDUrain found me a good option in no time. The staff have been so communicative and helpful th...
photo of Kaycee
Kaycee LittleTruman State
I am so grateful for EDUrain, they have given me the opportunity to secure my housing without a worry or stress of how I could cover all my im...