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An educator, a realtor, and 3 broke college students walk into a bar…

But seriously, EDUrain was built by people just like you.

We built EDUrain to solve a core problem that affects nearly 80% of all college students - it's hard to find housing. We know that the housing search process is daunting! Between scams, overpriced properties, and shady landlords, finding a place to live feels more like a hunt than a search.

EDUrain seeks to simplify the process by providing all the tools you need, including roommate search and a partnership with renters' insurance services. Furthermore, we believe that leasing an apartment is an opportunity to set yourself up for future financial success. By leasing through EDUrain, you can take advantage of our partnered rent reporting service. You could increase your credit score by up to 40 points just by reporting rent! On top of everything, we hope that our scholarship match will make funding your higher education easier.

What are you waiting for? Start finding your off-campus home.

Our Team


Bryon Pierson

CEO & Co-founder

Bryon Pierson was emancipated at age fifteen, proceeded to self-fund his college career, and accumulated over $60,000 in student debt. Empowered to create actionable change, Bryon and the team have spent six years studying the financial aid process. Working with politicians, parents, college access organizations, corporations, leasing agencies, foster-care organizations, Hispanic-oriented organizations, Black-oriented organizations, counseling services, Student Support services, organizations geared towards helping low-income families, and more.

He's recognized the many inefficiencies in higher education and hopes to help students, parents, and colleges alike reap the benefits of EDUrain.

Lead Developer & Co-founder

Arron Zheng

Lead Developer & Co-founder

Senior Developer & Project Manager

Tommy Dong

Senior Developer & Project Manager

Developer & Co-Founder

Eli Front

Developer & Co-Founder

Our Advisors

Technical Security Advisor

Sabree Blackmon

Technical Security Advisor

ITEN Business Mentor

Susan McLaughlin

ITEN Business Mentor

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is EDUrain?

EDUrain is a platform dedicated to helping every student attend college. We help students file for scholarships for free, and offer a free housing search through our housing engine. Additionally, we’ve built into our platform other services to make the student’s life easier, including renter’s insurance, credit building, and roommate matching! We’re constantly improving our website as we build our startup, so look out for new features that are on the way!

Why Should I Choose EDUrain?

There are countless apartment search websites out there, and we know that. That's why we try to curate our services specifically to our users as much as possible. We work with student-friendly landlords, listing agents, and brokerages to ensure our platform is free to use. We also offer financial literacy building and lease-affiliated services to help navigate our first-time-lessers through the daunting process of finding an apartment. At our core, EDUrain is a company driven by its social impact; the more students that use our platform, the more students we can help pay for their college.

Everything is… Free?

Yep! All of our services are free to use, including listing properties. We keep our services free by charging landlords a small fee once a student signs a lease with them. The only exceptions are our partnered services, which you can attain at a competitive price through our referrals.

What are Lease-Affiliated-Services?

Nine times out of ten, landlords will have a set of standard procedures in place before you sign a lease with them. “Lease-Affiliated-Services” help fulfill that checklist, which usually includes a credit report, renter’s insurance, and a tenant background check. Once you have all the documents you need, you can submit your application for a property to the landlord. To learn more about the lease-signing process, check out our financial literacy blogs!