Tips for College Freshmen

Milva Garcia

Milva Garcia

Sat Feb 20 2021 1 min read

  1. Join clubs
  2. Getting involved is the best way for you to not only make friends, but also to create your network. And after all, your network = your net worth.
  3. Go to class
  4. We know it’s easy to skip classes, but going to class is actually the best way to get your money’s worth of college. If not, what are you paying for?.
  5. Make connections with your professors
  6. Your professors are so knowledgeable; make sure that at the beginning of the semester, you introduce yourself to the professor and schedule check-ins throughout the semester to keep yourself on track with the course!
  7. Keep track of financial aid deadlines
  8. Paying for college is a big undertaking, and making sure you’re on track of deadlines is vital. EDUrain is here to help you with this; we send push notifications to our students reminding them of key financial aid deadlines. Sign up today!


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